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OLISTIQ has helped many people learn about Reiki and benefit from it's tremendous healing. We love hearing from them about the positive impact it has had.


Want to submit a testimonial, because you've had a great experience and love your sessions?  Awesome - can't wait to read it!  click here to send us one.


And if you're curious about what others have experienced have a read through the testimonials below.

"Having taken Reiki level 1 & 2 with Afsha so far, I can gladly say that it has been the most amazing journey.  I have learnt so much about myself and have grown so much since I have known her.  Giving reiki to my family and friends has been so rewarding.  Afsha is a wonderful person, highly intuitive, empathic, an amazing teacher and guide.  She is the teacher you want if you ever consider learning Reiki!  And I must add that if you decide learning reiki isn't your thing, then definitely have sessions with her as you will discover so much you never knew!"

- Karen M.

"Work overload left me fustrated, deflated and fed-up.  I had a session to help with de-stressing.  Felt deeply relaxed and incredibly tired, which I have been told was a shift of energies.  The next morning I was buzzing for a week!  


When I speak to the practitioner, I feel energised and motivated to go and do something - she's my personal coach!"

- Sarah G.

"I have been battling with menopause and it has been a real struggle.  The practitioner has helped me overcome so many of my issues surrounding it, and to finally reach "menopausal symptom free", I feel I can get on with my life now with ease."

- Elizabeth S.

"My son Hasan Imran was unwell since December until February/March with chest infection. I must have been to the Drs 3/4 times. They provided medicines, which did help abit, but Hasan went back to being too unwell again. His condition was very bad as he used to have alot of phlegm in his throat, horrible cough, which would make him vomit all his food out.


I gave up on the Drs as I was just going forward and backwards with them. Then I heard about reiki. Hasan had 6 sessions, and it helped him alot. He is doing very well now thanks to the therapy."

- Mahvish W.

"I was sceptical at first re distant healing, but as I was gifted a months worth of weekly distant healings, I had nothing to lose. I didn't find any difference at first, in fact it was just as I thought...nonsense, however, after several months passed, I started finding "healing" in what I requested the healing for...I still did not believe it was from the reiki and that it was a coincident.  I then had another friend whom gifted this to me suggested I pay for one and see.  I still didnt find a difference until a few weeks had passed and my friend pointed out that the reiki must have helped and that I should opt for another.  I paid for another and then gave up.  It wasnt until recetly that I realised how far Ive come and in fact how reiki had helped me.  Sometimes we hold on to "blocks" and are unwilling to be open and let go of whatever it is that hold us back and down...if Ive made sense of what Ive been told and hence the healing can take forever until the person is ready.  My advice is to be open and ready to let go."

- Dominique T.

“After the deaths of my parents, I felt very anxious and ended up with depression. A friend suggested I call Afshan, as she had been helped following the death of her mother. I was able to get an appointment right away for the first of three sessions of reiki. When I met Afsha, it felt as if I had known her for a long time and she is warm, gentle and down to earth. Even after the first session, I felt I had released a lot of what was blocking me from being able to move on from the grief and pain. The subsequent sessions only built upon my "letting go" and moving forward even in other areas that I had problems with.


Release of the depression, anxiety and feelings of abandonment give me a feeling that I've been given a gift of freedom. Even my career, which is stressful, doesn't bother me as much. I can now, when grief or anxiety try to creep back in, able to gently push those feelings aside without guilt and I can acknowledge my power over painful events. I told Afsha I have even caught myself humming to myself, which hasn't happened in quite some time! I feel lighter and less likely to let things and others annoy me, more the way I was before life got in the way!  I greatly recommend Afsha for reiki and I will be seeing her again in the near future for reiki top ups."

-  Elaine C.

"I hated going to school.  My Mum took me to see Afshan, and she has helped me alot and I'm feeling very happy and excited to go to school now.  I am not bullied anymore and feel confident and strong.  Thank you so much Afshan, you have helped me alot."

- Sam M.  8 Years Old

"I become nervous and panic at interview.  I  asked Afsha to send Reiki to the interview before, during and after the date and time of the interview and much to my amazement, I was confident, my true self and emjoyed the whole process and a bonus - I got the job!   Thank you so so so much and may God bless you for your awesome work!"  

- Natasha J.

“I have always felt lonely and struggled to find love.  Soon after I began receiving Reiki Distance Healing from Afsha, I have finally found someone who makes me happy.  Afsha gave me inspiration and, through Reiki, has helped me live in harmony with myself and able to face each day with a wonderful sense of happiness.”

- Zoe C.

“Desperate to lose weight and keep it off has been a real struggle, with trying various diets and attending many weight loss programmes, I have finally realised why I could never keep the weight off and have managed to keep the weight off for several months now.  My energy levels are an all time high, I'm much happier, healthier and get compliments all the time.  Thank you so much for all your help so far...”

- Sarah E.

“Distant healings are great - I can be in the comfort of my own home and not stress about having to go out in the cold for a session. Same result if not better...maybe being at home helps?"

- Helen R.


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