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Reiki Sessions and Internationally Recognised Reiki Courses

Woking, Surrey, London or Distant

Congratulations on taking the first step on your Reiki and self healing journey.  This will be incredibly enlightening and henceforth bring about change from what has been holding you back.


The aftercare of your session is as important as the natural healing process. Whether you experienced sensations during the session itself, reactions to Reiki afterwards can vary greatly from person to person. Some feel dramatic shifts during the sessions or immediately after, while others do not feel the positive affects until months later.  There is no right nor wrong reaction to a Reiki session - most clients enjoy the feeling of relaxation, listen to their body, rest if needed.  It is common to feel one thing the first day and something very different the next. Your energetic system is working the heavy energy out (shifting), therefore a period of lightness should begin.  The healing process that you will be going through will be felt long after the session.


It is important to note that one may experience a “Healing Crisis”, which means symptoms may become worse before getting better as the Reiki will bring unprocessed emotions and pain to the surface to be released and can bring up emotional blockages so one may feel tearful.


Let it go, as holding on to it in will only cause blockages. You may even experience flu like symptoms, which is a normal process of eliminating negative toxins.


Please bear in mind that your thoughts and words are manifesting your reality, therefore it is important to ensure anything that came up for you in the session is not then discussed as this will then manifest what had been released during a session.  


These symptoms are temporary and often are a necessary part of the healing journey and is actually a very positive sign that Reiki is working for your overall healing journey.  You may be very aware of these symptoms or may not be at all.  Reiki has a way of working at the most opportune time.


There are ways to support yourself while you are recovering after a Reiki session.  Give yourself full permission for self-care.  Listen to yourself; gt extra rest and sleep; ensure you are fully hydrated by upping your fluid intake, but avoiding caffeine and alcohol.  If you can, eat clean.   Avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking.  Try to stick to this for at least a few days after a session to help process and reduce or elimiate any side effects taat may occur.


Practice self care activities, such as doing something you enjoy; walking in greenery etc; journaling - anything that can be supportive of this work and will help you recover from the session.  Journaling or talking through is a great way to process what is unfolding for you after a treatment; either in a phone call or in your next session.


I recommend a detox bath (1 cup of himalayan salt) in the hottest bath you can stand, for twenty minutes.  If having a bath is not your thing (like it is not for me), then the alternative option could be standing in the shower and pouring it over your entire being from the head thrice using a jug, or placing your feet in the water.   This will help eliminate the heavy energy from your system.


Contact me anytime if you need support or have questions.




DISCLAIMER: I am not doctor and cannot give out medical advice.  Energy healing should be used as complimentary and not as a replacement for regular medical care.




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