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Reiki Sessions and Internationally Recognised Reiki Courses

Woking, Surrey, London or Distant



Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you.


Cancellation/Rescheduling and Fee Policy: You can do this  by emailing 72 hours prior to the appointment time to cancel.


A  50% cancellation fee will be incurred if the cancellation/rescheduling for a service is not received 72 hours prior to the appointment time.  This will be refunded to you.


Please give notice if you can no longer attend, as others may be on the waiting list, or require an urgent appointment.  £100 cancellation fee applies if you cancel within 4 weeks of the start of a course and there is no refund for workshops.



The time you schedule is reserved especially for your session.  I value your time and will do my absolute best to stick to the allotted time scheduled.  That being said, I will do my very best to accommodate late arrivals, however, not at the expense of other clients.  If you are running late for an appointment, calling ahead will provide me an opportunity to assess the situation and whether I can accommodate a later arrival into my schedule.  I cannot guarantee that I will be able to provide services to late arrivals, especially if said arrival is later than anticipated.



No shows will be charged 100% of the booked service’s cost.  3 no shows in one 12 month period will result in the client being unable to schedule appointments at OLISTIQ.

Payment is by gift voucher or paypal or bank transfer.


*72 hours notice is requested for all cancellations or a fee will apply.

*Note 4 weeks is required for Reiki Courses and No refunds for workshops.

*To secure your place on a course or workshop, email and make the necessary payment.

*Please arrive on time to ensure you receive your full treatment.



The number of sessions required, is dependent on the individual and what one wants to achieve and how deep rooted it is and thus every individuals' needs are different.  A general guide:  Sessions of 4-6 full sessions is recommended for maximum benefit.


For chronic conditions a general guide is to recommend 6  to 10 full healing sessions, which will allow a cumulative build up of the energy in the client.  This is usually enough to sort out stress, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness and emotional problems; physical stuff can take a little longer.


Treatments can be taken on a Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly basis to maximise the benefits.


Thereafter, monthly maintenance sessions are recommended to each client to encourage balance, relaxation & general well-being.


Yet, others choose to have energy healing ‘top-ups’ as a preventative measure or for pampering, however, I can come up with a strategy that works for both your time, availability and budget.


This information will be provided to you prior and after the session and herein is the link.



This question can’t be answered generically. Some clients stay with me as their forvever go-to, some over a period of a year, whilst other clients may achieve one goal, and then come back when there is something new they would like to work on with my support.


To give you an indication though, 4 sessions should be the minimum although you will see first results and be ready to take action straight after the first Coaching session.


These sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whatever suits your life and the speed at which you can take actions to achieve your goals.


Note: Payments must be made by the date given in an email to you to secure your booking.


Gift Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.


Gift Vouchers expire 12 months from the date of purchase.


We humbly ask that you shut off or mute all mobile phones and pagers whilst in the studio.


Thank you for your understanding!


Your privacy is of the utmost concern to OLISTIQ, thus what you say within your sessions is private, however, OLISTIQ does subscribe to various codes of ethics that require continued personal development for client safety.  During these sessions, it might become necessary to reveal personal details to a third party, who in turn is governed by an ethical framework and considers your details to be private.  The only time OLISTIQ or a third party are legally bound to divulge your details, is, if during a session, you reveal a definite intention to seriously injure yourself or another person, admit to being a terrorist, or to dealing in drugs – this does not include personal use.


What personal data do we hold?


In our online booking system we hold your name, address, dob, email address and mobile telephone number(s).


On our consultation forms we hold your name, email address, dob, telephone number(s), GP details and we hold details of the medications you are on and your medical history.  In addition after each treatment we make treatments notes.


We obtain consent for this information by asking you to sign our consultation forms.


We hold all this information on our client consultation forms, which are paper and then moved on to electronic and paper shredded safely.



Personal details are held so that contact can be made with you, such as by sending a text appointment reminder or email to confirm appointment and relevant information regarding the appointment and also if necessary locate you within the confidential filing system or contact your G.P if necessary (with consent unless under exceptional circumstances, such as you are at risk to self or others).


Private clinical / therapeutic information is a brief reminder of sessions , to record what work is completed or needs to be completed in future sessions.


Why do we keep client records?

In order to give professional treatments, we will need to gather and retain potentially sensitive information about your health.  We will only use this information for provision of optimal professional treatments and associated recommendations concerning aspects of health and wellbeing which we will offer to you.



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