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  • Afsha Hussain

Affirmation - "Patience"

In my opinion, one of the biggest lessons in life is having a loss and bereavement one of the longest sufferings one would endure. Particularly so if the loss was one that was the dearest and closest; a tragedy; unexpected or touched others and made a profound effect wherever they were.

Having had several losses since the day of the pandemic and throughout the pandemic until a month ago, I can certainly say that I have had my fair share of experiences thus far. What it has shown me is how patient I am. I knew I was patient, but I didn't realise I was this patient.

The best piece of advice I can give anyone whom may be going through this is to be kind to yourself and surround yourself around the right people and do not get in to a "I feel sorry for myself", "I've been damned", "This isn't fair, why me" mode nor surround yourself around those whom may take you down that path. Most importantly accept what has happened.

When you are ready you will be able to accept that this is a temporary world and we are all destined to return to our Lord. This isn't going to be what you want to hear and yes its quite a "harsh" reality, but it is the reality. The only way to serve your way through this is to accept what has happened and that the soul is in the best place and you now have another guide to help you along your path if you are open to it.

May the light guide you to patience, acceptance and trust.

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