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  • Afsha Hussain

Affirmation - "Faith"

God is the best planner. If things happen to us that we do not understand, or if there is something that we are desperately trying to achieve without much luck, have faith that it will come in due time and that any delay has good in it.

When we are struck with calamity, we tend to see this as a time to test our tenacity and therefore find solutions in such desperation, however, not realising that having patience and understanding is our test here, as only God knows when the time is right. It could be that you're struggling to find a job, your life partner, to conceive, loneliness or with troubles at home. Whatever it may be, trust and have faith that the right time will present itself. Perhaps getting that job when you wanted it would clash with something else and put you in a vulnerable situation. You wouldn't realise this until later and think that that was why the job was given now and not then. It could be that desperately finding your life partner nowhere to be seen is because his/her time to you has not come yet, i.e. s/he could be healing from a past event and s/he is trying to land a job in your city. Or perhaps you're desperately trying to conceive, but unsuccessful. It could be that being pregnant could have put you in a predicament as you were to discover and be diagnosed with a critical illness. You end up putting these things together afterwards and realise, however, the reward is in having faith in God during hardships. You are tested at your lowest to show your true faith. So know that your time for goodness will come fully, thus trust his timing.

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