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  • Afsha Hussain

Affirmation - Believe

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

I know ... I know ... you’re either screaming - "oh my how can you be so full of yourself?" Or, you get where I’m coming from ...

When we are spiritually elevated with zero ego, we feel and know we are prefect in every way - the way we were created. We are the bomb diggity!

Bomb diggity popped in to my mind when an almost one year old nodded to herself when I had acknowledged her beauty, with her firmly informing me she knew.

That is knowing and being.

If you or I said that out aloud, we would have a huge press coverage on how egotistic we are. That’s the sad truth.

The reality is that we are simply accepting, loving and being who we are. When you wholly love yourself, (not in the egotistic sense) you are able to love others.

I’ll let you decipher what it means to you.

Have a great day. Sending you much love your way.

:) x

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