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Woking, Surrey, London or Distant





The two day training includes:

  • History of Reiki

  • Introduction to general energy theory, including Reiki and the human energy body

  • During the training you will receive 4 ‘attunements’ to Reiki energy, and then finish the course with a beautiful healing attunement.  The attunement process opens up your inner healing channel, allowing the Reiki energy to flow through you for self-healing and or healing others

  • Overview of human auras and the chakras

  • How our emotions and experiences in life are stored in the human body

  • How to find and release your stresses and tensions in the body

  • Detect, see, feel, and work with auras

  • Focus, intention and a positive way of thinking

  • Ground and protect

  • How to deal with the physical and metaphysical causes of illness and wellness

  • Energy cleansing in healing work

  • Demonstrate some standard hand positions

  • How to conduct a Reiki self treatment

  • How to give a Reiki treatment to others

  • Talk about balancing and energising the aura, and 'scanning' with your hands.  Practice techniques on each other, note what you have noticed and receive feedback

  • Give and receive a healing with feedback and recommendations

  • How to give Reiki to pets, animals, plants, food, drinks and innate objects and situations

  • Comprehensive recommended reading list

  • A comprehensive course manual covering

  • Reiki First Degree Certificate and Lineage

        Refreshments on both days

  • Mentorship given for as long as student wishes


A simple and fun version is available for Children to learn and explore.




This is a practitioner level and is taught over two days, whereby you will receive two Reiki attunements to increase your inner channel.  You will receive your Reiki Second Degree certificate once you have completed five case studies that have been checked and approved.  


This is a great step for those whom want to further enhance their understanding of Reiki, self-healing and personal growth, as well as their healing skills.


This course is available for any student whom has completed a Reiki Level One course, with a minimum of three months prior and has some experience of using Reiki for self-treatment.


The two day training includes:

  • How Reiki is used at this level

  • Two ‘attunements’ to the Reiki energy

  • The power of intention

  • Meditations to ground and protect

  • How to draw and use the symbols and their mantras

  • Practice using these symbols

  • Learn to work intuitievly

  • How to scan the human energy and detect imbalances

  • How to do a special form of hands-on treatment for deep healing of the mental and emotional causes of disease

  • Energy protection, cleansing and hygiene for yourself and for space clearing

  • Healing personal issues

  • Sending Reiki to the past and the future

  • Using Reiki with crystals

  • Empowering goals and affirmations

  • The health benefits of Reiki

  • Deeper understanding of energy sensing

  • Demonstrations and practical sessions individually and in pairs for both hands-on and distant treatments, and time to practice and understand the other techniques

  • Case studies

  • Reiki Two Certificate and Lineage


If you wish to become a Reiki Practitioner, additional training (Reiki - Practitioner Level) will be required, which will allow you to treat clients as a professional Reiki Practitioner, for which you may charge a fee.



This course is available to those whom hold a Reiki Level Two or Reiki Masters.


So you're enjoying giving Reiki treatments, but you're faced with challenging concerns, such as: 'Can I work from home?' 'Do i need to follow any legal protocols?' 'How should I react to clients' concerns?'


This course is based on the National Occupational Standards for Reiki and will help you and your practice run efficiently and deal with scenarios as and when they arise with ease.


The two day training includes:

  • Setting up a healing space

  • Client care

  • Data protection and client records

  • Confidentiality, health and safety

  • Legal, financial, and insurance requirements

  • Advertising your practice

  • How to conduct a client consultation, tailor a treatment and agree on a treatment plan

  • Basic anatomy & physiology

  • Functions of the human body

  • Code of ethics

  • Contraindications

  • How to explain Reiki to a client

  • How to deal with unexpected reactions

  • Reacting to client questions and concerns

  • Circumstances when a treatment should be refused

  • Personal preparation

  • Reiki in relation to other complimentary therapies

  • Protection and cleansing techniques

  • Trusting your intuition

  • How to give treatments to clients with chronic, severe, or terminal illnesses

  • Dealing with clients with psychological problems, anxiety, or traumas

  • Treating clients with disabilities

  • Working in a hospice or with the NHS

  • How to interpret and accept results

  • The 4 levels of healing in practice

  • Learning from your clients

  • Health and lifestyle

I teach and hold Reiki courses/workshops reguarly, in line with the National Occupational Standards, Reiki Federation and CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healtcare Council) guidelines for Reiki training and their code of conduct and professional practice.