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I am passionate about providing an effective solution, which works both quickly and sustainably to help you change your eating habits, feel good about yourself, your food choices and your body.


How Am I Different To Other Weight Loss Practitioners?

I have developed Specialist Weight Loss, by combining Reiki, a powerful approach which draws on the best from both Scientific  methods and works on all areas of ones well-being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. My one-to-one Packages work at the root cause of your struggle and effectively re-wire your brain and overall well-being for success.


My clients quickly begin to think, feel and respond differently around food, changing life-long beliefs and habits and as a result are empowered to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss. They also develop workable strategies for eating, and for life, and a sense of confidence in themselves at every step along their journey.


Most Comon Questions We Ask Ourselves:

~ How did I get this fat this fast?

~ Why doesn't portion control work with me?

~ Can I lose weight without feeling hungry?

~ Is there a cure for food addicts?

~ Can I gorge and still lose weight?

~ How often should I eat?

~ Could I have an intolerance?

~ How can I speed up my fat loss?


As an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, I can help you custom-build a weight loss programme based on proven scientific methods.  


We Work Together By:

~ Rating your weight gain probability  

~ Weight history questionnaire™

~ Setting a weight loss goal

~ Ironing out any food intolerence(s)

~ Level of stress

~ Weight loss personality test™


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