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OLISTIQs' mission is to bring about a better, radiant and healthier well-being - YOU.


If you feel that reiki can help you achieve greater balance in your life, but you don’t have the financial resources to allow this to happen, OLISTIQ is inspired to accept an alternative energy exchange.


Money is not the only form of energy...


OLISTIQ offers First, Second & Third Degrees as well as Master & Teacher courses to those whom are inspired to become attuned either for bringing about healing for self, family and friends or treatments to help others along the way as a Practitioner.  


Fees for Reiki courses at OLISTIQ serve two purposes:

(1) as anchors for your contract with yourself to learn and use Reiki, and

(2) as reimbursement for my time and expertise –  not for the Reiki energy. No one can "buy" Reiki or "own" it for that matter.


Reiki healing is about more than "fixing the body."  It is about self-healing at all levels -  physical, mental and emotional, with emphasis on "self." Under the ethics established by Dr. Usui, those receiving Reiki training or treatment must exchange some form of energy as sign of commitment and involvement in their own process.  Money, a compressed form of energy (effort having already been expended), is the most common form of exchange, although by no means the only one.


The energy exchange, whether money or otherwise, is critical to all parties, because it maintains balance between the people involved, and Reiki is about balance – in the body, in relationships, in the world. From an energetic perspective, the energy exchange between teacher/student or practitioner/receiver establishes the firm intent of both parties to maintain outward balance, thereby opening the body to the inward balance from which physical healing comes. From a psychological point of view, a suitable energy exchange means neither party is able to feel one up or one down, neither needs to feel indebted to the other – or used. Both are able to walk with respect.