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Reiki And Reiki Courses in Woking, Surrey, London or Distant



Where:  At your place of work

When:  Get in touch to arrange (min of 6 employees required per day)

Duration:  15 mins per employee

To reduce sickness absence and promote a more energised, positive workforce.

"Brain cells create ideas. Stress kills brain cells. Stress is not a good idea"  -   Frederick Saunders

Stress     Reiki effectively reduces levels of stress in a person, through the deeply calming and relaxing effect that reiki has on a person’s brain wave pattern.   After treatment, clients typically feel much more relaxed and ‘balanced’.  A build up of the stress hormone cortisol, over-stimulates a person’s “fight or flight” mode, which interferes with cognitive function, the immune system, our mood, and our ability to fall asleep and wake up refreshed.  By helping the body to switch off its sympathetic nervous system, cortisol levels return to normal, which means we can:


- Regain access to higher-order thinking skills, via the switching one of the pre-frontal cortex, responsible for working memory, decision-making and focus


- Allow neurotransmitter function to work effectively, allowing access to our long-term memory


- Regain the proper functioning of the hippocampus which allows us to absorb and understand new information, and influences our emotions and interactions with others


- Allow our immune system and inflammatory response to function properly (less days off sick); and


- Healthier sleep patterns (more alert during the working day).


Musculoskeletal Disorders       Through the gentle effect of deep relaxation, the body is able to let go of physical tension, which ultimately loosens the muscles, reducing the pain and discomfort experienced from musculoskeletal disorders, such as back pain.  Ultimately this allows for improved posture, as the body is no longer ‘weighed down’ by its problems.


Lack of ‘oomph’!    While reiki stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself, reiki benefits everyone, regardless of health issues.  A person simply feeling a ‘lack of oomph’ can feel revitalised and positive following a reiki treatment.

Could my workplace offer this?

Staff are the most important asset to a business, and companies are increasingly aware of how important it is to look after their staff’s well being to ensure they are productive, able to manage during stressful times, are supported and motivated.  They also want to help minimise the number of sick days their staff take, which impacts their business performance and other staff during this time.


No-one is completely immune from stress and whether stress originates from our home life or work environment it still has an impact on our working life.


It is now commonplace for good organisations to provide well being services and treatments to their staff as part of their employment package, or as an added benefit or service – to ensure happier, healthier and more focussed workers.


Whether offered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for staff, and perhaps on a rotational basis, depending on number of employees – companies provide this as a complimentary service to staff, which is a great added value when pay rises aren’t possible during difficult economic times.


Some companies otherwise contribute to 50% of the treatment fee, with staff paying 50%, or simply offer staff the opportunity for these treatments during office hours should they wish to pay for it.


If you’d like your organisation to be made aware of this service, you can either make your line manager aware of this website, or suggest we approach your employer directly about this service.

Reiki is a fantastic treatment for the workplace.  It can be conducted at the person’s desk, or simply requires a room with a chair for a more personal experience.  Treatments last 15 minutes per employee and are a quality break for staff.

The recipient just relaxes in a chair while hands are gently placed off and around their head or around and hands-off relevant areas of their body.  The results can be similar to having undertaken a long meditation.

The biggest causes of long-term sickness absence are stress and musculoskeletal disorders, according to the February 2011 report by the Office of National Statistics on sickness absence in the workplace.


Last year, a four year study of 60,000 people in six countries revealed that workers in the UK experienced the highest stress levels of all the countries surveyed – UK, USA, Germany, China, Brazil, India.


Chronic stress can be the underlying cause of many health problems, such as high blood pressure, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal problems, sleeping disorders, strokes and heart attacks, and the Health & Safety Executive now cites stress as the biggest cause of mental health problems.

How can reiki help your company’s employees help your company?

Business people placing hands in circle

There are many ways that OLISTIQ can help your company's employees with their wellbeing and here are a few:

StressLess Management Workshop;

Anti-procrastination Workshop;

Time Management Workshop;

1-2-1 Coaching;

1-2-1 Mentoring;

1-2-1 or group Mindfulness Session;