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OLISTIQ has helped many people with coaching and mentoring.


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"Every idea is thought through and it is amazing how Afsha can pick up on the most important points and then repeat them back without you realising that you have said them. It was as if I had all the answers I just wasn't able to find them myself.


For years I had struggled with low confidence and forever found excuses. The coaching sessions made me come to realisation that  when I have negative beliefs (that hold me back and down rather than improve my life) has helped me to deal with them, which has ultimately  helped with my confidence in a range of different situations.


But the positive impact on my family and relationships has been the biggest surprise for me. I now spend more time and enjoy that time, guilt free, with my family. It was the fact that I wanted to stay at home with my baby that came out during the sessions that altered the way I approached my work life.


It has been an amazing journey. I am now running my business 3 days a week and it is busier than ever. I am enjoying my life more as I feel more confident and I am finally able to do the things that I want to do. I have the tools and the positive attitude to carry on with the changes I have put in place. I know that everything I am doing is because I want to do it and it is going to improve my life or my family's life in some way. All the old limiting beliefs are going slowly and I am looking forward to the future now.


I cannot thank Afsha enough.”

- Lizzie H.

"The extraordinary thing that I found was that Afsha came in to my life just when I needed it.  I was almost about to lose my business and was in the middle of a horrific divorce.  Afsha was a blessing,  supporting me in ways that not only brought me out of my ameliorating business to a profitable giant, but also brought about a state of calm and helped me to process and bring forward my true authentic self and what I really wanted.  And then ofcourse helped me to make it happen.  She gently nudged me along the way in order for me to set targets and meet my objectives.  It has certainly been a valuable journey thus far and as I continue to check-in on a weekly basis to ensure I am still at my peak performace.  I highly recommend Afsha.  She is the blessing you need in your life wherever you are!"

- Craig E.

“I would highly recommend Afsha - a highly professional and experienced Life-coach.  She works with great sensitivity and focus and has made a significant positive difference to my life."

-  Sally C.

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Reiki testimonials

“My life has been a game changer since working with Afsha.  There has been so much change and so much growth that has materialised in to a multitude of success.  She's your go-to if you need to sort out your life and business."

-  Andrea P.

“I love working with Afsha.  She has a way to hear what you are not saying whether you are aware of it or not and her intuitive nature makes our sessions very powerful and insightful. I always come away from our calls with a new energy inside me and around the discussed topics and with  new prospectives. I can start a call with 'blocks" and "issues" and always come away with new possibilities instead. I am so grateful to have found you and looking forward to continuing working with you!

-  Tanya Y.

“Afsha has helped me to create the business I always aspired to have, one which doesn't require me for every decision. I am now on the road to a business that can scale while I have more freedom for other projects and fun!

-  Dora T.

“HIghly intuitive, helping me let go of past traumas and tribulations to move forward with my aspirations.  After 16 months so far, I have not only moved forward in my life in ways I did not realise were holding me back, but also achieved targets and goals that I never knew were possible.  An amazing Coach and one that I highly recommend to others!

-  Susan S.