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By OLISTIQ, Dec 7 2018 06:00AM

Want to hack your self worth with these weekly tips?

Week No.3

So, how did the: "One tip to hack your negativity into positivity" weeks tip go? This was 5 weeks ago, so you've had enough time to work with it...

You may not receive them weekly, but I do promise to follow through with a weekly tip, whenever possible!

So you're fearful and anxious?

When feeling and believing that we are powerless to change anything in our world, fear can trap us to exaggerate and accentuate this. Fear in some cases is healthy, as it keeps us safe, however, the majority of our fears throughout the day are completely irrational and unhealthy.

Normal Response to Fear

It is easy to become afraid of almost anything. Fear is generally, although not always, based on a negative experience with the object in question. For example, if you were attacked by a dog as a child, you may be afraid of dogs today. Sometimes fear is learned from someone else, such as a child who is afraid of spiders, because of her mother's reactions.

Whatever the object of fear, you may become distressed or uncomfortable when you confront that object. If you are afraid of flying, for example, you may become jittery or anxious when you board an airplane. You may self-medicate, perhaps by indulging in a preflight drink, but you are able to manage your symptoms and get on with your life. You may prefer to travel by car or train but will fly when it is necessary or practical.

Hack #1a

Write a list for each of the below:

* Differentiate between genuine fears and unfounded fears as nearly everything we fear in a day is not life threatening and quite irrational;

* Challenge your anxieties with facts;

* Look at your success rate with past challenges; * Consider all the things you manifest in a day and recognise your strength and power;

Hack #1b

Face your fears.

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." - Nelson Mandela

* Learn to step outside your comfort zone;

* Start with small bite sized challenges as this will help to build your self-esteem;

* Complete and conquer as many things as you can, as this will grow your self-esteem and you will begin to prove your fears wrong;

* Learn to step outside of your comfort zone.

I look foward to sharing tip 4 in another weeks post.

By OLISTIQ, Nov 19 2018 02:00PM

It was an absolute pleasure being invited to talk about stress, the effects and what can be done about it, at an interview on BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex with Danny Pike.

Ps For those of you whom tuned in to ilsten, apologies, I went on live at 10:52am.

By OLISTIQ, Nov 16 2018 06:00AM

“It is now believed that 80-90% of all diseases is stress related." - Best Psychology Degrees

"85% of UK adults are experiencing stress regularly." - Forth

Stress is creating a huge issue - not just in our work and personal life, but most importantly to our health.

I will be live on BBC Radio Surrey And Sussex in an interview talking about how I as a Coach can help you recognise and manage stress. "Remove the root cuase of being held nack" is OLISTIQ's slagon - facilitate in uncovering and removing the root of stress and create a path forward to the new you.

Tips, knowledge, facts!

So join us live and be a part of this stress awareness show.

By OLISTIQ, Nov 7 2018 06:00AM

As part of Stress Awareness Week, this post is bringing a reminder of how stress plays such a significant part in all of our lives and what we can do to get on top of it, or even remove it completely, by understanding the root cause.

Scientists have discovered that the best remedy for stress is to simply walk them away! A stroll on a scenic route will soothe the neurons in the brain.

Who'd have known?

Pleaes read this article that I published in 2015 regarding stress here if you'd like to learn more:

By OLISTIQ, Nov 2 2018 06:00AM

Want to hack your self worth with these weekly tips?

Week No.2

So, how did last weeks tip go?

This weeks tip is to look at your negativity and nip it in the bud before it spirals out of control by replacing it with positivity.

Negativty can wear us of our confidence, because we are wired to pay attention to all that we have done wrong. And we as humans are so obsessed to holding on to negative information that we forget all the positive stuff!

I am currently helping one of my Clients to remove the root cause of being heldback and live the life that the Client wishes for. The Client's root cause is NEGATIVITY. I gave one task to do, which is slowly transforming the Client's life and finally able to see successful results.

Would you like to know what that one simple task is, which is helping us to achieve successful results?

This is the task:

For every negative thought, come up with positive thoughts;

Let every positive thought sit until you feel it is seated in to your subconcious memory and then move on to the next positive thought;

Good and bad emotions should be acknowledged;

Allow the negative ones to surface;

Label the emotions for what they truly are and move on;

Do not enter into inner dialogue about the negative emotion, because then it becomes more powerful.

I look foward to sharing tip 3 next week.

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