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I live my life for me

By OLISTIQ, Jan 14 2019 06:00AM

Expectations put on to you?

You’ll lose your self-belief & worth to those trying to reach their expectations put on to you.

They surely have good intentions, however ,it’s not serving you,as what you see is right for you, is different to what they expect of you, which could be from their ego of you not doing what’s financially deserving of your abilities, or status, or even worth.

Even if it’s just say ‘do anything that makes money,don’t care what it is,’ is signifying to you,that in order to be worthy,you must be churning out a certain amount to be seen as doing something valuable.

What if your purpose is bigger than that?

What if your purpose is merely to bring joy & happiness?

Isn’t something with meaning, brings about substance, far greater than monetary means eventually brings recognition & hence wealth?

Is earning a certain amount of money going to make you any happier & wealthier?

If doing what you’re doing is what you believe you should be doing,then do it.

Don’t allow others’ influence put you off, because that’s just their own fear & ego, not yours.

Hold tight, be light & pave the way forward to your true authentic outlet of bringing about change, vision & mission, because eventually once you succeed beyond what you anticipated or expected, that person will also follow.

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