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By OLISTIQ, Apr 8 2019 05:00AM


When we have beliefs that are limiting us, we are holding ourselves back from living our true authentic selves and ultimately creating a path that is meant for us.

Some of the limiting beliefs could be: “I can’t possibly do that.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not beautiful enough.” “That won’t succeed.” “I’ll never be able to lose the weight.” “I’ll never be able to find the perfect partner.” “There’s no such thing as a dream job.” “When things start to go well, something bad happens.” “I am unworthy.”

When we believe this, we’re sending signals to our subconscious memory to hold on to it and therefore holding us back to achieving whatever it is that we think we could never do.

Nothing should limit you.

The only thing that could limit you would be endless possibilities.

Limiting beliefs can be manifested at any moment and at any time.

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