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By OLISTIQ, Apr 16 2019 05:00AM

The above three things will never let you down when forming or growing your business.

It's what helped me create my first business a successful adventure from the age of 20 before the www movement.

Things have changed now with technology advances and love of the www, which means it's a lot easier to get yourself out there and known. Trust your ideas, judgement and intuituon and you'll never falter.

By OLISTIQ, Apr 15 2019 05:00AM

Change how you view life.

Once you start to view life as one that works for you rather than against you, you'll be able to manifest all the possibilities that you desire.

Give this affirmaiton a whirl...

By OLISTIQ, Apr 8 2019 05:00AM


When we have beliefs that are limiting us, we are holding ourselves back from living our true authentic selves and ultimately creating a path that is meant for us.

Some of the limiting beliefs could be: “I can’t possibly do that.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not beautiful enough.” “That won’t succeed.” “I’ll never be able to lose the weight.” “I’ll never be able to find the perfect partner.” “There’s no such thing as a dream job.” “When things start to go well, something bad happens.” “I am unworthy.”

When we believe this, we’re sending signals to our subconscious memory to hold on to it and therefore holding us back to achieving whatever it is that we think we could never do.

Nothing should limit you.

The only thing that could limit you would be endless possibilities.

Limiting beliefs can be manifested at any moment and at any time.

By OLISTIQ, Apr 4 2019 07:00AM

Trust that you’ll have a flourishing tribe.

You’re going to have followers and then those whom unfollow you after you’ve followed them and also those whom follow you and then block you.

Remember that you only want to attract those passionate about the difference you’re trying to make - your tribe. Those whom respect what you do.

Those whom unfollow you after you’ve followed them shows that the only interest they had was in growing their network through yours and that isn’t what you’re about. Continue to follow those whom you admire and respect. Also, remember it's not a numebrs game. You'd rather follow quality and have quality followers!

Trust and recognise that with mutual respect and gain brings great karma.

We’re here to help and support each other, not hold an ego, power or an indifference. And that’s the beauty of great Leaders - they lift up, help and support others grow!

Continue shining your inner power, wisdom, knowledge and your authentic self!

Sending you happiness vibes!

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